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Dr. Pitre introduces his set on Spiritual Theology

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Harahan, LA 70123
Ph: (504) 305-1938
Fax: (504) 617-6320

Thank you for your interest in inviting Dr. Pitre to speak in your area.
Dr. Pitre views each request for him to speak as an honor and thanks
you for considering him as a presenter for your event. If you would
like to invite Dr. Pitre to your event, please email
Catholic Productions (click here) to receive the .pdf Invitation Letter.
Please note the following guidelines before requesting Dr. Pitre to your event:

(1) Dr. Pitre reviews submitted requests three times a year:
Requests submitted by Jan. 15th will be responded to by Feb. 15th.
Requests submitted by May 15th will be responded to by June 15th.
Requests submitted by Aug. 15th will be responded to by Sept. 15th.

(2) Requests are to be submitted for speaking engagements at least 6 months
after the response date.

(3) Dr. Pitre typically does not accept speaking engagements in the following timeframes (though circumstances could possibly permit):
May, August 15th - September 15th, or December

(4) When planning your event, please keep in mind that due to the number of
requests he receives, his duties as a father and husband, and his teaching
schedule at Notre Dame Seminary, it is impossible for Dr. Pitre to accept
every invitation. Also, please note that Dr. Pitre's teaching schedule at
Notre Dame Seminary makes out-of-town weekday speaking engagements
(monday through thursday) during the school year very unlikely, though not
impossible (This does not include local speaking engagements during the
week that are within driving distance). Please contact Catholic Productions if you have any questions or to receive the .pdf Invitation Letter (click here).